Second Line Profile in Human Design - Episode 31

The Second Line in Human Design, known as the Hermit or Natural, is naturally talented or gifted and is meant to be called out by others to share their talents. They love to spend time alone in their own process thus the hermit name. They generally aren’t aware of their gifts and talents and can have a hard time explaining how they do what they do because it’s effortless for them.  If this line is a part of your Human Design Profile (2 / 4 , 2 / 5, 5 / 2 or 6 / 2), it is an important part of how you fulfill your purpose. If it’s not part of your profile it’s likely that it shows up in other parts of your design as well and you may or may not strongly resonate, even if it isn’t part of your profile.

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Second Line Profile in Human Design - Episode 31
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