Episode 26 - The Root Center in Human Design

This episode is all about the Root Center in Human Design. This is the center of adrenaline, stress and pressure. How this center is configured in your chart plays a big role in determining how you experience stress. All configurations can be experienced on a spectrum from the low expression to the high expression. About 60% of people have it defined and have a more consistent way of dealing with stress. They broadcast this out into the world and the 40% of the population that have it undefined will receive and amplify this stress. Neither configuration is better or worse, they’re just different. Learning what you are broadcasting if defined and becoming very wise about what you’re receiving is undefined is a big part of stepping into the high expression of this center. Following Strategy and Authority is key to using this energy in the best way. Learn all about it in this episode.

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Episode 26 - The Root Center in Human Design
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