Episode 15 - Self Projected Authority in Human Design

In this episode, we dive into the concept of self-projected authority in Human Design. It's a rare and powerful form of decision-making that only a small percentage of the population possesses. Authority in Human Design is all about how we navigate the big choices in life. Self Projected Projectors have their G-Center directly connected to the throat. To tap into this authority, they need to give voice to their decisions. Merely thinking about them won't provide the clarity they seek. By speaking out loud, whether to themselves or a trusted confidant, they can truly listen to their own voice and gain valuable insights. It's crucial that the decisions they make align with their true selves, their identity, and direction. By avoiding the influence of others emotions and staying true to their own authority, Self Projected Projectors can make choices that are authentic and right for them, even if they may not be fully understood or supported by others.

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Episode 15 - Self Projected Authority in Human Design
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