Episode 14 - Ego Authority in Human Design

Ego Authority is a remarkably unique and seldom-discussed aspect of human design. Ego Authority, found in only 1 in 6,000 individuals, is a powerful force that governs decisions through the Ego Center, often referred to as the Heart or Will Center. This episode gently guides listeners through the intricacies of Ego Authority, emphasizing the importance of valuing oneself, aligning with one's heart's desires, and considering the worth of choices. Whether you are an Ego Projected Projector or an Ego Manifestor, the podcast offers invaluable insights, reminding us that it's not only okay but essential to be self-centered in a healthy way when making life's most significant decisions. A beacon of authenticity and self-empowerment, this episode inspires listeners to trust their inner compass and embrace the rare and precious gift of Ego Authority.

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Episode 14 - Ego Authority in Human Design
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