Ep 36 - How You Process Info & Where You're Most Prone to Conditioning

Have you wondered why some people can assimilate information and events so quickly and it takes others much longer? Or why some people are perfectly fine doing things on their own, working alone and are very self contained when others need to be with people in order to be most effective? Your Human Design Definition can answer a lot of these questions. It can also show you where and how you’re most likely to be conditioned.

In this episode you’ll learn all about what definition is and how it impacts your information processing speed as well as how you’re most likely to be conditioned. In the next episode, we’ll talk all about how your definition affects your relationships

I’d love to hear how it landed for you. What Definition do you have and what did you learn about yourself in today’s episode?

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Ep 36 - How You Process Info & Where You're Most Prone to Conditioning
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