Ep 35 - 6th Line - Role Model - in Human Design

Role Models aren’t born, they develop over time with experience and wisdom. This episode is all about the 6th Line in Human Design, also known as the Role Model. They live their lives in a unique tri-phase process and it’s so important to understand how this works. Whether or not you have a sixth line in your profile, or love someone who does, this episode is for you. We go over the first 30 years of learning through trial and error, the aloof roof phase of integrating everything that was learned, followed by the role model phase when 6th lines truly exhibit their purpose of embodying their authenticity and showing the rest of us what’s possible.

I’d love to hear how it landed for you. Do you have a 6th line in your profile or know anyone that does? Let me know how you experience this energy in yourself or with your loved ones. 

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Ep 35 - 6th Line - Role Model - in Human Design
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