Ep 34 - 5th Line Heretic Messenger in Human Design

What do Taylor Swift, Bob Marley, Nelson Mandela, Putin and Madonna have in common? All have 5th Line Profiles in Human Design. The Person with a Fifth Line profile is designed to spread their message (the message of what is contained in their Human Design chart)  to the world at large. It’s the most transpersonal of all the lines and provides practical yet out of the box (sometimes heretical solutions) that solve other people’s problems when they’re living in alignment. Reputation is a big theme for Fifth Lines and their reputation is strongly influenced by whether or not they meet others' expectations. Learn how to manage expectations, your reputation and more in this episode of the podcast.  If this line is a part of your Human Design Profile (2 / 5 , 3 / 5, 5 / 1, or  5/ 2), it is an important part of how you fulfill your purpose. If it’s not part of your profile it’s likely that it shows up in other parts of your design as well and you may or may not strongly resonate, even if it isn’t part of your profile.

I’d love to hear how it landed for you. Do you have a 5th line in your profile or know anyone that does? Let me know how you experience this energy in yourself or with your loved ones. 

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Ep 34 - 5th Line Heretic Messenger in Human Design
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