Ep 32 Third Line - Martyr/Pioneer in Human Design.

The Third Line in Human Design, known as the Martyr or Pioneer, is here to show us all what works by discovering what doesn’t work. They learn and experience through a trial and error process. They’re very creative, adaptive and they bring change. They’re the first to discover when something isn’t working and part of their process with others is about breaking bonds and remaking them if necessary. This episode goes into detail on all of this.  If this line is a part of your Human Design Profile (1 / 3 , 3 / 5, 3 / 6 or 6 / 3), it is an important part of how you fulfill your purpose. If it’s not part of your profile it’s likely that it shows up in other parts of your design as well and you may or may not strongly resonate, even if it isn’t part of your profile.

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Ep 32 Third Line - Martyr/Pioneer in Human Design.
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